About MATH

Vision: The Mid-Atlantic Regional Transition Hub (HUB) envisions an environmentally sustainable, integrated, and resilient Mid-Atlantic region comprised of six states along the US Eastern seaboard; a corridor characterized by a chain of closely adjacent major metropolitan areas.

Geographic Scope: The Hub serves Transition initiatives in the states of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Northern Virginia, USA.

Mission: The Mid-Atlantic Regional Transition Hub (HUB) supports, promotes and fosters the interconnectedness of emergent Transition initiatives in all stages of development in the US Mid-Atlantic region.

 Composition: The Hub is comprised of a circle of Transition: Trainers, Initiators, and Resource Persons dedicated to generating and serving local Transition initiatives.

Goal: Catalyze and help sustain a synergistic network system of resilient, environmentally sustainable communities along the US Eastern seaboard with healthy local economies and a growing sense of vitality and community well-being.


  1. Support new and evolving Transition initiatives by offering resources and best practice sharing.

  2. Provide training in:
    • Running effective groups
    • Egalitarian group governance processes
    • Conflict resolution methods
    • Sustainable living practices
    • Inner Transition techniques and practices

  3. Devise integrated communications systems which link and facilitate communications flows among Transition initiatives in the region.

  4. Establish and sustain a visible, representative regional presence in environmental forums.

  5. Articulate a collective regional voice for the Transition environmental movement.

  6. Develop a regional resource bank, including but not limited to:  green companies, speakers, films, publications and skills sharing information.

The Inner Transition Movement in the Mid-Atlantic Region:

  • builds community. It is community: friends, family, extended and adopted family, neighbors caring for each other that will help us successfully navigate our way through the eye of the needle as climate change accelerates.
  • invites us to look within; the only really “safe space,” for strength and wisdom

Transition Training: which is focused first and foremost on community-building creates the space for participants’ first hand experience of connection. Participants leave trainings with informed resolve and deepened commitment to safeguarding the planet and caring for each other.

Sister Environmental Movements

Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects: empowers us to ACT at this time of epochal shift to ensure a liveable world. The WORK provides exercises that awaken our will to take part in the healing of ourselves, our communities and our planet.

The Pachamama Alliance Awakening the Dreamer (ATD)  Symposia

Deep Ecology: All parts of the ecosystem, including human beings function as a whole. The living environment merits deep respect and has a right to flourish without excessive human interference. All living beings ,regardless of their instrumental utility to human needs.

Eco-spirituality: The grounding principle of interconnectedness of all faith traditions, of all beings, and the interdependence of all life on Earth with the planet itself.

Eco-psychology: Lifting the aims and means of psychotherapy into the larger concerns of social pathology to question our acquiescence to the destruction of the world.


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