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Reinvigorating Mid-Atlantic Waterways: Traditional and Artisanal Fishing

Andy Willner

Andrew Willner


For centuries before and after the European colonization of the Mid-Atlantic region of North America, fishing and shell fishing, using traditional methods fed the people of our Bio-region.  There are still remnants of that hook and line passive fishing gear, clamming and oystering, pound nets, dory and net surf fishing, and small trawler fisheries throughout the region, however those fisheries have been diminished as a result of pollution and over fishing.

African Americans, Organizing and the Transition Environmental Movement

A distinct, robust Afrocentric agroecology movement is growing throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Its emergence is parallel to the mainstream environmental and eco-justice movements. As owner of the 94-acre Vanguard Ranch and a proponent of Black intentional communities, Renard Turner asserts, "We have to reconnect with our own abilities, maintain our own communities and food systems. We need to own stores, the farms that supply those stores, and a lot more control over our destiny and lives."


Inspiration For The Burned-out Localizer

Erik Curren

While Marx predicted that socialism would follow capitalism, Richard Heinberg predicts the next thing will be localism.

Peak oiler? Not Catholic? You should still stand with the pope on climate

I get it, you believe in peak oil. So do I, despite gas at $2.50 a gallon. But peak oil is no excuse for either you or me to just sit around waiting for the final oil crash to make the climate problem moot by bringing down industrial civilization.

Slow Tech Solutions Reinvigorate Water Highways

Andy Willner

Andrew Willner


The idea of Slow Technology or “Slow Tech” has its roots in the ideological movement called “appropriate technology,” a term coined by E.F. Schumacher in his book  Small is Beautiful,  first published in 1973.  Slow  Tech should be thoughtful  about how devices shape our relationships to time, emotion,  energy, and bioregional environment.

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