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The Atlantic is a magazine that mainly discusses American politics. It is often unbiased unless there is a reason to be totally biased. Recently, Donald Trump has done a terrible job as president of the country. He basically insults everyone and his accomplishments are short. The magazine actually called for his impeachment. As expected, nothing has been done since who would listen to a magazine anyway?

The Atlantic is not just any magazine though.

It is a magazine that has been around for ages. In fact, it has been out in the public for more than a hundred years. Not many magazines can claim that feat. There are too many editors to mention and some of them may have forgotten they became editor of the magazine. Can you blame them? They probably became editors of too many magazines. It is definitely a different career to be part of the traditional media industry. You’re going to encounter BangBros Network discount deadlines that are impossible to achieve. You may even need to work long hours and that is never a good thing. Subscribing to the Atlantic is always a great idea as they have more than a million subscribers worldwide. Yes, even people from other countries subscribe to this magnificent magazine.

There was a time when the Atlantic got published monthly.

However, that time is long and gone so now it is published at least once in two months but the editor can always change that. Whatever the case, everyone is happy that it is still being published. You will rarely encounter a magazine that has been in the industry for more than a hundred years. It used to discuss mainly politics but as expected, it has expanded into discussing other things. They can’t help it since they know change is inevitable. A lot of famous people wrote pieces for the magazine.

IN fact, the Atlantic has won many awards that are probably too many to mention.

The only thing for sure is that it deserves each of those awards. You can catch many people reading this magazine randomly on the street. Some may even be glancing at it while on the subway. One thing is for sure, it is not one of those magazines that are given away for free. Besides, it has garnered a reputation of being a great read. It is mainly based in New York City so any magazine with a similar name that is based in another place is something else. There are a lot of offices in New York City so that is no surprise.

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Recently, Steve Jobs’ widow purchased a majority of the stocks. That does not mean it is acquainted with Apple though. It just means she saw a lot of value in the magazine. Rich people don’t make harsh decisions. They make a site move after thinking through it for a few minutes. Critics have long praised the magazine. They often lauded it because of how well it is always put together. That is certainly going to remain for a long time.